The journey to recovery from addiction is a long and difficult one, but for many people, it is also a life-saving one. In Maryland, there are many resources available to those looking to overcome substance abuse and get on the path to a healthier lifestyle. One such resource is New Beginnings Recovery Center in Maryland. Let’s take a look at what this center offers and how it can help people recover from addiction recovery centers near me.

New Beginnings Recovery Center was founded in 2017 as a private non-profit organization. The goal of the organization is to provide comprehensive treatment and support services for individuals struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). Specifically, the center is dedicated to helping individuals in the state of Maryland achieve long-term recovery by providing evidence-based treatment that focuses on mind, body, and spirit.

At New Beginnings Recovery Center, clients are provided with an individualized treatment plan that includes medical detoxification services, counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, medication management services, and other forms of support. Additionally, clients are connected with community resources such as housing assistance programs and employment opportunities so they can continue their recovery journey after leaving the facility.

The staff at New Beginnings Recovery Center consists of certified professionals who have years of experience working with individuals struggling with SUDs. The staff also works collaboratively with families and loved ones of clients to provide them with support during this difficult time. Clients also benefit from peer-led activities such as yoga classes and art therapy sessions that allow them to build meaningful relationships with their peers while learning new skills that will help them in their recovery process.

One of the most attractive aspects of this center is its comprehensive approach to healthcare—they not only focus on treating addiction but also on helping individuals develop better coping skills so they can better manage any stressors they may come across in life after leaving treatment. The program focuses on both physical and mental wellbeing by providing nutritional guidance and lifestyle coaching alongside counseling services so that patients can gain the strength needed to build healthier lifestyles for themselves going forward.

Conclusion: For those looking for help recovering from addiction in Maryland, New Beginnings Recovery Center provides an effective approach to overcoming substance abuse through its evidence-based treatment program that emphasizes mind, body, and spirit healing. With its experienced staff members who understand the challenges associated with addiction recovery as well as its commitment to connecting clients with community resources like housing assistance programs and employment opportunities after leaving the facility – New Beginnings Recovery Center provides hope for those looking for guidance on their journey towards sobriety. Intended Audience: Individuals struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) seeking information about treatment options available in Maryland.