Dubai is an exceptional city that has a lot to offer when it comes to luxury and entertainment. From sky-high buildings to exotic beaches, the city has everything under the sun to make your trip worthwhile. And what could be better than sailing on your own private yacht, gliding through the waters of the Arabian Gulf while enjoying the spectacular skyline of Dubai? Here’s a complete guide to Yacht booking dubai to help you make your dream come true.

Size and type of yacht:

Dubai has a diverse range of yachts available for charter. They vary in size, shape, and design. Do you prefer a sleek and stylish motor yacht or a traditional, elegant sailing yacht? Do you need a small boat for a private tour or a large one for a party with friends and family? Consider your preferences and choose the type and size of yacht that suits you best. Don’t forget to allocate enough space for everyone, including the crew.


Yacht rental prices vary according to the type and size of the boat, the season, and the duration of the rental. They can range from AED 1,000 an hour to AED 10,000 an hour or more. Decide on your budget and look for yachts that meet your requirements. Don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as fuel, food, and drinks, and choose a yacht that fits your budget.

Booking procedure:

Dubai has many yacht rental companies that offer online booking services. Choose a reputable company that has a wide selection of yachts available for rent. Make a reservation in advance to ensure the yacht’s availability on your preferred date. Confirm the details of your booking, including the rental period, the cost, and the additional services (if any) included in the price. Don’t forget to read and understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Crew and services:

Most yacht rental companies in Dubai provide skilled crew that can navigate the yacht, prepare food, serve drinks, and offer excellent customer service. However, it’s always good to check their credentials and experience to ensure your safety and comfort. You may also need additional services such as a DJ, a photographer or a masseuse. Don’t forget to request these services in advance and confirm the extra costs.

Destinations and routes:

Dubai has many spectacular destinations that you can explore by yacht. Some popular routes include the Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina, and the World Islands. You can also customize your route according to your preferences and visit other landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis hotel, and the Dubai Fountain. Don’t forget to ask your crew for recommendations and suggestions.


Yacht booking in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to experience luxury and adventure on the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to enjoy an exclusive trip with family and friends, renting a yacht is the ultimate way to do it. Keep in mind the advice in this guide, and you’ll have a great time on your yacht trip in Dubai. Happy sailing!