We use a large number of websites in our daily life. However, most of us only know these websites on the surface which causes us to miss out on unique features. The private note is a known name among the working community as an article-sharing website. The platform has been created to enable users to share private articles and project-related work. The users of the website may often forget about unique features that they can utilize to make conversations more personalized. Given here are some of the best features you can take advantage of while using it. 

Decide the time limit for your articles.

The platform works with a self-destruct mechanism for your articles. This means that the text automatically gets deleted once it is properly accessed and read by the receiver. You will be happy to know that you can customize the duration for which the text is available. This can not only be done in terms of hours but also the number of times the receiver accesses it. If the data is highly confidential, you can set the parameter to delete the text after reading. 

Set unique passwords on private note.

It may seldom happen that the link you share with the receiver gets in the hands of other people. However, you do not need to worry about such circumstances. You can create a unique password that the receiver will be required to enter before they get to read the actual article. Make sure that the password you create is unique and also easy to remember since tough passwords can be a hassle to remember. The password settings can be applied to the message description process by clicking on the set parameters tab. The tab can be found just below the text box for your intended message. 

Get notification updates. 

If you are one of those people who are often skeptical, the website has a unique service add-on for you. The developers enable users to get notification updates about the destruction of their message via mail. This means that you will receive an email as soon as the reader gets the message and it gets automatically destructed. This way, you can be fully assured that your message will not be shared further with anyone unintended. The email title can also be modified in case you are scared that you may miss it thinking of it being spam. 

The bottom line.Therefore, it would not be wrong to state that the platform has a lot of features that can only be used after proper exploration. The aforementioned tricks are just a small glimpse into the world of effortless conversations offered by private note. So, if you want to share important details of a project with your colleague, make sure that your conversation is secure. Not doing so may cause you to feel betrayed when your competitors come up with a better version of the idea you generated. Have good conversations with your friends and remember that exploration goes a long way.