drug test

types and ways to pass a drug test

drug testing is a process of collecting the samples from body in the form of urine, hair or saliva for analysing it on-site or lab to detect whether the metabolites of drugs or alcohol present in the person’s body. Some test performed on-site and other tests can only submit to lab for detecting the drugs in the system. and There are some of the Best ways to pass a drug test

passing drug test may become easy if you know about types of tests for detecting drugs from system. 

Types of drug test

Here are the four test which used for detecting the drugs from the body

Urine test

Saliva test

Blood test

Hair test

Urine test are most common and frequently used drug tests. The urine test is easy to use and analyse, very accurate and comparatively cheap. All the major categories of drugs like alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids are included in urine drug test. Except the marijuana drug, all drugs can be out of the body within the week. Where marijuana take a month, alcohol takes only one to two days to leave the system. And if you don’t drink in last twenty-four hours then alcohol will not be detected from urine test.

Saliva test

When the mouth swabbed, the most likely to be picked up is recently smoked weed, eaten or drank drugs. Saliva test can only detect the drugs that have been consumed within 6 hours to 3 days. As saliva test can measures drug amount that have been left in the most part of the mouth. Most of the drugs can be detected from saliva test.

Blood test

This test is mostly used to detect the present intoxication that means the someone currently under the influence of the drug. Thor is type of test is mostly not used for employment, prohibition or for court purpose. As, the window of detecting the drugs from body is very short. 

Hair test

Hair test are not common and frequently used for detecting the drugs in the system. But as any drugs which is consumed is stay in the hair shaft. It’s difficult but not impossible to get them out from system. Hair test may be used by the employers who don’t want the employees with drug addiction. The window of hair test is for 3 months.

Ways to pass drug test

Here are some best ways to pass a drugs test 

detox kit

Detox kit can be very useful while you are abstaining from drug use. It can take 10 to 15 days from body to get toxin free. There are a lot of herbs contains in the detox kit which helps to deal with withdrawal of symptoms by keeping waters and electrolytes in balance. And also helps to preventing dehydration and irritability.


Dilution is the easy method to pass a urine drug test. In method of the dilution, you need to drink extra water, and this dilutes the urine so that the drug metabolites realise from system. Dilution is home remedy which helps to pass drug test in 24 hours.


Exercising can help to sweating and burns out the fat cells which helps to get THC out from the system. Its important to start exercising before 1 month from the test and to stop at least weak before the drug test. Because this cause THC to become comes out of cells, go into the bloodstream and in the urine.

final thoughts

there are four ways to detect the weeds from the system. Some have short window time and some are time taking drug test. There are many of the best ways to pass a drug test and some of them are mentioned above.