Poker is a very renowned card game, played around various corners of the world. Poker was invented in North America, where its popularity is humungous. Poker is played majorly in clubs, casinos, homes, and over the internet, i.e. known as online poker. It is ideally played among 2 to 14 players with a deck of 52 cards.

The main highlight of the game is the Pot, which is the sum of all the bets of the players and players compete to win that. Learning poker is easy and you can play this game on GetMega with your friends and family and try your luck on the platform. You can begin to learn Poker with the strategies mentioned below.

Play fewer hands and semi-bluff aggressively with the draws-

According to GetMega, the first thing to do to improve your bottom line is, develop a strong preflop poker strategy, though sticking to it is difficult. Play a tight range with playable hands and play with your hands aggressively. Don’t try to play with a hand that’s not worth playing with as it would make you lose at the starting of the game. Keep a check on your patience, as it plays a vital role too. 

Try to create a bluff with your cards by letting them dictate your next move. Don’t do it when you are starting to learn poker, as it may cost you more than it benefits you. To practice poker and the strategies, download the GetMega app and join the game.

Don’t be the first player to jump in and play early in tournaments without worrying about the survival

Get to big blind preflop at least after a player has done that. If done first, then the greater probability is of you losing the competition and you would make it flop for yourself.

Play tournaments with a proper strategy or even if you are learning poker for the tournament, realize that you need to double or triple the starting stack, so play aggressively for a deep run and avoid playing defensively. Running with a short stack can be problematic for you, thus, try to avoid that situation.

Fast play and defend with your strong hands to build the pot

As also mentioned in GetMega, slow playing is the biggest mistake you can make to crush your own game, so it’s needed to use your strong hands. Protect the equity and avoid being outdrawn, bet even after you feel uncertain. Don’t let your insecurity make you miss out on potential value.

Defend the big blind as this special position will provide you with better pot odds. Take care of the important factors like the raiser’s position, the number of players, size of the raise and stack sizes mainly.

Fold when unsure and attack the opponent on their weakness

The best time to lay down a good hand is when you feel like losing. By folding, we miss out on our chance to win the pot. Don’t call too often, especially in the wrong situations. Service and fold when unsure. Studying the details of the hand after folding can make you up to your poker game.

Avoid ‘bluffing with nothing’ situations as the players calling multiple bets to have a weak hand that will fold after facing multiple bets. When you learn poker, remember that the opponent is showing weakness in a head-up pot and it is a good time for you to take advantage of it. Use an aggressive bluffing strategy then and keep on betting with semi-bluffs by attacking their weakness as it can benefit you more than you expect.

Only play in good games and when you feel like playing

Play to your advantage by playing against the weak players. A good poker game would have at least one player betting regularly, multiway pots and re-raises would be very rare or frequent. If playing online, then take the advantage of the table statistics provided to win.

Have a fun time while playing and while you learn poker. If you are in a bad mood, you are anyway going to lose so quit before costing yourself your hard-earned money. Losing and winning is a part of the game, not just the result, so play accordingly. Consider both the situations without inclining more towards any side.

So, what are you waiting for? You can play the game on GetMega and apply all the strategies you got in your bucket.

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