During the earlier periods, several centuries back when Europe was ruled by knights then people used to participate in such Medieval shows. 

Medieval night Tenerife is again introduced where the count along with the countess present in the castle will welcome all the visitors to their property. While tasting various specialties of this typical medieval dinner, all the performers will be dressed as knights and will ride horses to introduce their different skills.

There will be many different competitions and also sword fights will be held. Various participants will compete to get the opportunity to hold the princess’s hand. After the winner claims the hand of the princess, then Brazilian acrobat dancers will take the stage for entertaining the attendees with their stunning “Capoeira” performance.

Castle San-Miguel Medieval Night

The Castillo San Miguel can be a stunning night-out set in the San Miguel Castle. Enter the castle by crossing the drawbridge, where you will be greeted by the Count as well as Countess as mentioned before. You are transported back in time, and with the help of the offered wine, you will soon be engrossed in the mediaeval ambiance.

Enjoy the mediaeval dinner while witnessing the armoured knights demonstrate their prowess through jousting and swordplay. With your applause, you can support one of the Knights who may fight and possibly die in your honour.

The event concludes with the high point of the evening, “The Drifters Show,” a beautiful and glittery American group.

What will include in this Medieval Night show?

  • There will be pickup and also drop-off services available from a few selected hotels.
  • A comfortable air-conditioned coach will be available for attending this activity.
  • You will be served plenty of wines and also the medieval-style banquet, which will be part of your entertainment experience.
  • There will be Chivalry and Capoeira shows, which will introduce you to master ships of different types.
  • Children below the age of 2 years can attend the show without any ticket.
  • Children above the age of 14 years will have to buy ticket at the same price that of an adult. 
  • This medieval show will be held at the San Miguel Castle on all Tuesdays, Thursdays, and also Saturdays all throughout the year.

What do most travellers say about it?

So far, the various ratings given to this show on a few websites of repute are as follows:

  • Get Your Guide has rated the show as 4.3 out of 5
  • Viator has given the rating of 4 
  • Tripadvisor has rated it as 4 

All those tourists who have attended the show have agreed that for the most part of the show, it is quite suitable for people of all ages. Most of them have stated that one can get plenty of fun while watching the whole show.

If you are also interested to participate in this grand Club Canary medieval night show then you can contact Club Canary who will also organise everything for you to visit the whole show in Tenerife. You can also book your ticket from them online by visiting their website.