When we buy a new car, we always ensure to keep it safe from any damage while driving on the road and even when it is parked in a parking lot or our garage. However, we become somewhat carefree as the vehicle gets a little older. This can though cost us a lot if we fail to follow the steps that are required to maintain the car in a top-notch condition for a long time. 

This is especially true when you need to transport your car for long distances across the country. Some of us try to drive it on our thinking we can save some money. However, it could prove to be very expensive because such long drives can stress out the engines, can cause damage due to harsh weather conditions, and even due to continuous exposure to the soil and grit of the road. 

To extend the life of our newly purchased car, we must ensure that we are shipping it through a very reliable auto-shipping company such as Ship a Car, Inc. You can contact Ship A Car Incorporated a top car shipping company and their shipping agents will direct you through various shipping deals best suited for the type of your car and the distance it has to travel. Their amazing network of auto-carriers and very experienced drivers ensure timely delivery of your vehicle in the safest possible way. 

Maintenance tips to ensure damage-free car shipping

Even when you have made a deal with the best car shipping company, following these tips can ensure that the entire transit happens smoothly and safely:

  • Clean your vehicle thoroughly and note down any existing damage or scratches. This is essential to evaluate damages that might have occurred during the transit. 
  • Remove any personal items and valuables from the car. 
  • Empty the fuel tank of the car and leave only one-fourth of the gas to reduce the weight load of the car during shipment. 
  • Make sure that the car battery is sufficiently charged to avoid any problems during the loading and unloading of the car. 
  • Opt for a closed auto-trailer if your car is in a brand new condition or if it is an expensive luxury or sports car to avoid even the tiniest of damage. 
  • Although open trailers are cheaper, spending some extra amount can prove to be beneficial if you want your car to be delivered in top condition. 

Apart from these steps, you should also ensure that your car has been through all the regular maintenance services before the shipment company picks it up from your doorstep. 

Maintenance tips while driving your car on the road

It is not just while shipping that you need to ensure the vehicle’s safety but also while using it for driving it daily. 

You must:

  • Drive the car within the speed limit as instructed by the car manufacturer unless it has touched the first thousand miles.
  • Avoid putting heavy loads on the car. 
  • Letting the car sit in without any action for a long time is also not good for the life of the car engine. 
  • Give your car some heat-up time before racing the car engine. 
  • Shift the gear to neutral during red light halts. 
  • Avoid sudden accelerations especially during winters. 
  • Follow safe driving practices and take your car for regular maintenance trips. 

You have invested so much money in buying a car. Do not ruin it by not investing in its maintenance. Buy a good insurance cover and keep your car running in the best possible condition for years to come.