Companies should make the most of smartphone technology to collect consumer feedback.

Using the rapid rise of smartphones for example iPhones, Androids and Blackberries the mobile phone is becoming more and more valuable like a consumer survey funnel and really should now help individuals organisations searching to enhance customer support.

A substantial quantity of companies switched to the web in the last 10 years to be able to collect feedback through web surveys however while using web is usually done using smartphone technology.

Engaging with customers which use smartphones is important as it’s been predicted that you will see one billion of those devices used all over the world within the next three-to-5 years.

When attemping to create market research that’s appropriate for cell phones, it is crucial that companies understand that they have to be interactive and dynamic manner as modern-day clients are more technologically savvy.

A highly effective mobile survey ought to be designed to ensure that a person won’t have to constantly zoom-in to be able to see the questions after which continuously scroll up and lower to see all of those other page.

Web surveys should be instantly made into a suitable format to ensure that smartphone proprietors can react to laptop computer fully to utilise the devices’ user-friendly interface.

There are many benefits of using mobile technology to interact with customers because the devices can provide companies connection with census that have been formerly inaccessible for example more youthful consumers.

Organisations may also access consumers in emerging markets in the BRIC economies and busy business those who are unlikely to invest time before a desktop or notebook.

Using mobile technology may also allow organisations to achieve feedback soon after the client has interacted using their business that is worth more because the experience is going to be fresh in their eyes.

In addition, geolocation tracking can enable a company to determine wherever a person was during the time of answering market research and will also open an enormous amount of options when it comes to marketing.