The clinical research industry is growing and thriving in New York City. Clinical research coordinators (CRCs) are responsible for the management of clinical trials, ensuring that they are conducted ethically and in compliance with regulations. With the right educational background and experience, anyone can become a successful clinical research coordinator nyc. In this article, we’ll discuss what it takes to become a clinical research coordinator in NYC – from educational requirements, to job duties and responsibilities, to salary expectations. 

Educational Requirements for Clinical Research Coordinators 

The first step to becoming a CRC is earning a college degree. While there is not an exact major required for the position, many employers prefer candidates with degrees in scientific fields such as biology or chemistry. However, degrees in other disciplines such as health sciences or psychology can also be beneficial for those seeking employment as a CRC. It’s also important to have knowledge of medical terminology and regulations related to clinical research studies. 

Once you have your degree, you’ll need to obtain certification or licensure through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). This certification demonstrates that you have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to work as a CRC in NYC. You will need to complete training courses provided by ACRP before taking their certification exam.  Additionally, employers may require additional certifications specific to their company or industry.  

Job Duties & Responsibilities of Clinical Research Coordinators 

The job duties of CRCs vary depending on the type of clinical trial they are overseeing. Generally speaking though, they are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the trial are conducted in accordance with protocols set forth by sponsoring companies or government agencies such as the FDA. They handle administrative tasks related to patient enrollment and data collection, maintain records throughout the course of the trial, ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations regarding patient privacy and confidentiality, monitor patient safety during trials, recruit qualified participants for studies, assist physicians with data analysis and interpretation of results from trials, provide written reports summarizing trial findings for sponsors or regulatory agencies upon completion of trials and much more!  

Salary Expectations & Benefits Packages 

Aspiring CRCs should know that salaries vary widely based on experience level and geographic location. According to Glassdoor salary data from 2020-2021 , salaries for entry-level positions range from $45k-$70k per year while salaries for experienced professionals range from $79k-$132k per year; these figures do not include bonuses or benefits packages which can significantly increase total compensation packages depending on where you work! Additionally, many employers offer generous benefits packages including health insurance coverage; paid vacation days; retirement plans; tuition reimbursement programs; childcare assistance programs; flexible spending accounts; stock options; sign-on bonuses; relocation assistance; etc., so be sure to ask about any available benefits when considering job offers!  

Becoming a clinical research coordinator in NYC is an exciting career path full of opportunity! In order for prospective candidates to be successful in this field though it’s important that they have both formal education (degrees/certification/licensure) as well as an understanding of medical terminology/regulations related to conducting clinical trials ethically/in compliance with regulations set forth by governing bodies like the FDA. Additionally prospective candidates should understand what job duties & responsibilities come along with working as a professional CRC – things like patient recruitment/enrollment monitoring data collection maintaining records throughout study duration etc… Finally current salary expectations & potential benefits packages associated w/working as a CRC should be taken into consideration when evaluating job offers so make sure you understand exactly what potential employers are offering before making any decisions! Good luck!