Best PC Cleaners to Get for Windows | TheSweetBitsWhat is PC Cleaner?

PC Cleaner is unwanted software that claims to improve your computer’s performance through optimization. PC Cleaner will check your system for broken links, invalid DLLs, invalid startup entries, and other system corruptions. PC Cleaner warns that the complete version must be purchased before these problems may be fixed.


All Windows and its programs save their configuration information in a database called the registry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of entries in there. If you’ve just uninstalled a program and it left some leftover keys or if there’s a file extension without a corresponding software, it’s possible that some of the entries are a little out of date.


PC Cleaner will look for these obsolete items in your registry and provide you the option to delete them. It’s possible that this application will accidentally delete necessary items from the registry while cleaning up unnecessary ones, given the sheer volume of data involved. There is no shortage of horror stories about folks who have used a registry cleaner just to have it cause more trouble on the Internet. Your registry’s size can be reduced by a few kilobytes, and a computer cleaner can eliminate several hundred superfluous entries in the best-case scenario. There is no discernible performance hit from doing this. You don’t have to pay anything if you absolutely need to employ a system optimizer. You can get by with a free registry cleaner like the one included in the widely used CCleaner program.


How can PC Cleaner get on someone’s computer?


Users install PC Cleaner, either intentionally or unintentionally. This type of application is frequently distributed via advertising or bundled with other programs, leaving the user unsure of its origin. Regrettably, not all free downloads clearly state that other software will be installed on your computer, and you may find that PC Cleaner was installed without your knowledge.

In most cases, a software installer will offer additional downloads and installations if you let it. It is important that you always be wary of anything you accept to install.


One must choose the custom installation option every time, and uncheck anything that looks unfamiliar, especially if it’s optional software you had no intention of installing. It is quite obvious that you shouldn’t put in place any program on your computer that you have any reason to doubt.


Performance issues affect even the most sophisticated and stable operating systems over time. Your computer’s hard disc fills up with temporary files and data from programs you’ve uninstalled in the past, and your PC automatically launches a number of programs you never use whenever you turn it on. Additionally, each time you browse online, tracking cookies and internet files containing safe personal information are being kept on your device. The freeware program PC Cleaner safeguards your computer against this type of data storage by removing unused and unwanted files, making your Windows computer less susceptible to cyber-attacks while also making it run quicker and more efficiently.