Are you prepared to leave drugs behind and start a new life? The first step to begin your clean journey is detoxification. Detoxification is the process of detaching your body and mind from drugs. A detoxification process lasts for about five to twelve days. Detoxing from drugs is a very taxing and challenging process as it needs every single and last substance of the active drug to be removed and cleaned out of one’s system. Addiction to drugs is can be scary as your entire body becomes dependent on these substances to even function. Drug withdrawal can cause physical as well as mentally damaging symptoms and hence expert care is a no brainer when it comes to detox. Here are some important points that will help you detox:

  1. Admit yourself into a certified detox centre

Getting onto the path of quitting drugs all by yourself can be unsafe and difficult. Certain drugs like opioids and diazepam can cause acute withdrawal. Alcohol overdose can lead to life-threatening seizures. One can also lose self-control and give into drug use again. Always look for local centres that help detox south florida. These centres offer rehab programmes that offer 24*7 assistance to guide you through your detox journey along with doctor prescribed medicines.

  1. Follow a nutrient-rich diet

Drug withdrawal can disbalance your entire digestive system. Nausea and diarrhoea are very common symptoms. Your appetite may be at a complete loss but still, always eat as many healthy foods as you can. Fuel your body with nutrients especially vitamins C. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ensure apporotaote protein intake in the form of fish and lean meat. Some chocolate will help release endorphins to lift your mood as well.

  1. Have as much water as you can

Water will flush away all toxins and speed up your withdrawal process. Lots of fluids will keep your organs healthy and ready to detox. Coldwater can help bring down any fever you may be experiencing as well. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day and also include juicy fruits like watermelon in your diet. Keep replenishing your body with water as you will lose some while vomiting and diarrhoea will drain your body.

  1. Stay active

When your body is under detox mode you may feel low and lethargic. But your body needs to stay active in order to boost detoxification. Low-intensity workouts, will get your blood pumping and release dopamine to make you feel good. You can also go for a casual walk or just swim at the centre of detox south florida. Staying moderately active every now and then will help you stay happier and reduce depression.

  1. Practice breathing exercises

Every time you exhale you breathe out toxins and relieve stress. When you inhale your vells get fresh oxygen and help is detox. In a quiet environment take a deep breath through your nose to your diaphragm. Inhale and hold your breath for some seconds and then release. Make it a habit to practise deep breathing before sleeping to help you sleep more peacefully.