There is money in football betting. Smart punters take their time to look into the books and come up with the best way to place their bet which will go all the way to give them expected results when they go on the betting notch. When you are on credible sites like qiuqiu, you will need knowledge of how the best play out for you to achieve the results that will lift you’re your soul.

We shall take a look at some of the ways to place bets that will give you the interests that will brighten your day in the betting notch. It should be said here that you will get the best results if you place your bet on teams that you know very well. Here are some smart ways to place your bet.

Team to score First

You can stick out your neck by predicting the team to score first in any encounter. You are to place the bet before the start of hostilities. After the goal has been scored and if you are in live mode; you can go ahead and predict who to score next.

Over / Under

We can as well seriously consider over/under as a type of bet that punters can bet on. There are several distinguishing characteristics here. The bet can be found in notable bookies. This bet can be found in virtually all the stats.

Goals Goals

This is a popular bet that is attracting the attention of most punters. 2.5 is mostly used as a factor to outline the low-scoring and high-scoring game of football. Here, your choices will never be limited by bookies; you will find online alternative bets that start with a 0.5 clause. It does not matter which club scores; all that mattered and which punters will be rooting for is goals.


When you are on the betting site that has something to offer like what is seen through situs judi online, you can shift your gaze to the cards that are given. We have two types of here-the yellow and the red card. All the bookies nominate different cards with different points.


 Under over/under bets; you can use corners to get the results in the casino. It is possible to place your bet on any of the teams at one point in time. Each of the corner kicks awarded should be taken before it can count. The only dark side of corners is that it can be awarded in quick succession and before you know it; the match will be over.

Odd / Even

It is possible to bet on odds/Even. The implication of that is that the total of the corner kicks, for instance, will form an odd or even number. This is another bet that you can rely on to make hay while on the betting notch.

There are other odds that you can bet on; the ones stated above are areas that punters can easily look into to get the results that mattered. In everything, it is advised that you should be on that credible site that will make things count. A good example of this is bandarqq.