Japan is one of the most happening countries that one must visit. From picturesque sightseeing places to adventurous spots and delicious cuisine, there is everything that one can desire for. There are several things to do in Japan that will make your journey memorable and fascinating. Eating the Wagyu Beef, meeting Geisha, night out in Izakaya, watching Sumo Wrestlers, learning of the Shinobi Secrets, etc. are some things that you are surely going to enjoy. You can have a great and unforgettable during your trip.

Certain things you can do in Japan

Eat sushi – Japanese sushi is referred to as an attractive balance of vinegared rice, soy sauce, seafood, and wasabi. A person can enjoy sushi everywhere in Japan. If you are going to try it for the first time, you can also seek recommendations from the chefs.

Cherry blossom season – The cherry blossom in Japan fascinates travelers every spring when the cherries are in full bloom. The sight is breathtaking and perfect for photographs. For the people living in Japan, this sakura season is considered as the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. They celebrate the flower viewing by having a barbecue or picnic.

Japanese Kimono – For travelers, wearing a Kimono is the most exciting experience in Japan. The Japanese people normally wear modern fashions; they wear kimonos during special occasions such as dinner parties, weddings, festivals, and graduations. The travelers get many chances to not only see and wear but also learn about the national costume of Japan.

Convenience stores – Japan’s convenience stores sell tasty boxes of lunch, fresh bean coffee, whole fruits, etc. They also provide lose items which include makeup, toothbrushes, and phone chargers. If you want anything related to your personal belongings then you can easily find the convenience stores in every corner.